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The Paleo Diet is a diet based on the foods eaten by our Paleolithic ancestors. The foods that genetically "designed" these early humans consist mainly of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and nuts. The Paleo Diet excludes dairy, grain products, sugar and processed food. Learn more about The Paleo Diet.

My 2015 New Year's Resolution: Lose 40 Pounds & Improve My Health

I did it in Four Months!
The Evidence I Present is Overwhelming and Irrefutable
But First I'll Tell You How I Knew (in advance) I Could Prove Paleo Works

Three years ago two friends told me about the Paleo Diet. Well, they didn't just "tell" me about it, They raved about it! I was amazed at how good they looked. They had lost a lot of weigh in a short amount of time. They were physically fit and mentally happy. I was envious. (Envious in a good way)

My friends explained, you have to stop eating many of the foods you've been eating all your life. But there are lots of delicious foods you can eat, and still lose weight. And, the "funny" thing is, the Paleo Diet reduces your appetite because the fat, protein and good carbs in the diet keep you satisfied for hours.

Really? I diet that reduces your appetite? No way! That can't be, can it?

My friends recommended the book, The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet, by Robb Wolf.

I thought, another diet book....Boring! But it wasn't boring at all. Wolf is entertaining and he holds your attention. There's a reason his book was a New York Times best seller and has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

Wolf got my attention with his opening sentence:

This book could save your life.

That's a pretty bold statement. I was skeptical.

But I kept reading, and I'm glad I did. In retrospect, I believe Robb Wolf did save (extend) my life. He can save yours too, if you buy his book.

After reading Wolf's book I took his 30 Day Challenge.

I liked the Paleo Diet so much I extended my commitment to 60 days. During those 60 days I lost 25 pounds. I felt better than I had in years. My health and blood work dramatically improved.

Once my self-imposed 60 day commitment ended I gradually (and foolishly) returned to the Basic American Diet (B.A.D.). I ate healthy foods and rarely ate junk food. Sure, I occasionally ate things like ice cream, cookies, pizza and drank some beer and wine. But that's not junk food, right?, right?

The point is, my nutrition was excellent. I watched what I ate. But I gradually put all the weight back on. Of course, my health problems returned as well. Something had to change...for good.

In mid December 2015 I decided to go back on the Paleo Diet beginning January 1, 2016.

Then, I had an idea. I'll track my progress in a blog. I knew I could prove the Paleo Diet works and... maybe even make a few dollars. That would be cool.

Then I thought...what if my blog helped save someones life? That would be very cool.

What shall I call my new blog? How about...Proof Paleo Works

Beginning January 1, 2016 I committed to stay on a strict Paleo Diet until I lost 40 pounds.

I've learned my lesson. Once I lose 40 pounds on the Paleo Diet I won't go off it again. I'll eat 85% Paleo foods and 15% of the yummy stuff I can't live without that's restricted on the Paleo Diet. That will keep the weight off and keep me healthy.

Does that mean I'm not committed to the Paleo Diet? No, not at all. The leading authorities of the Paleo Diet agree that it's not necessary (or even practical ) to be 100% Paleo. You can be if you want, but you can still reap the benefits of the Paleo Diet with a 85/15 ratio.

How I Tracked My Progress to Keep Myself Accountable and Motivated

I did two things the minute I got out of bed every morning.

  • I took my blood pressure on the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended BP Monitor.

You can follow my weekly weight loss results on My Weight Page

and my daily BP readings on My Blood Pressure Page.

You will  find My Labs hard to believe. They are Proof Paleo Works to improve your health. 

Here's What Happened When I Stuck to a Strict Paleo Diet EVERY DAY

I Lost 40 Pounds in Four Months

Sure, I looked better on the outside. People told me how good (much better?) I looked. But, what I, and others could not see, was the incredible changes going on inside my body. That's the really BIG story in this blog. You can lose 40 pounds on lots of diets.

But I don't believe any other diet can improve a person's health as fast as the Paleo Diet.

My Blood Work

In planning for this blog I had my blood work analyzed on December 28, 2015. The results showed eight risk factors. These risk factors were not little things. They were important life changing (or ending) factors. I was well on my way to developing diabetes, heart disease, and who knows what else.

After losing 40 pounds I had my blood work analyzed again on May 7.  I knew there would be improvements. I was sure of it. But I did not expect to get incredible results. All eight risk factors fell within the normal range. More absolute Proof Paleo Works to reset your blood chemistry.  See the lab reports.

The Paleo Diet hit the reset button on my body. Think about it. It's really quite amazing.

My Blood Pressure

On  December 29th my BP was so high I was in hypertensive crisis. But the only way I knew I was in hypertensive crisis was from taking my blood pressure on my Omron BP monitor. I felt fine. That's why hypertension is called the silent killer.

By January 18th my BP was in the normal range.  See photos of my daily BP readings.

Paleo is a Lifestyle - It's not (Just) a Weight Loss Diet

I've tried many diets and hated them all. I often became discouraged because I was starving all the time and I didn't lose weight fast enough. But the Paleo Diet is the best and "easiest" diet I've ever been on.

I'm not saying it was easy. It wasn't. In fact, it was hard at times. The temptations to cheat were everywhere and constant. I was hungry at times but I lived with it. (get it?) Besides, when you're in the weight loss phase of any diet you better be hungry at times or you're not going to lose weight. Paleo is no different, just easier. What I learned (and you will too) is, the "bad" carbs in the Basic American Diet make you hungry.

I was getting all the carbs I needed on the Paleo Diet. In fact, I had more energy than I've had in years.

The Big Advantages Over Other Diets

  • It works (I'm proof)
  • It's "easier" than other diets
  • Plenty of good food to eat
  • No calorie counting, measuring, point, etc
  • It suppresses your appetite
  • You have more energy
  • You sleep better
  • It improves your sex life
  • You feel better
  • Weight comes off at acceptable rate
  • Acceptable amount of pain and suffering
  • It improves blood levels
  • It lowers your blood pressure
  • It restores your health
  • It improves your sex life (repetition for emphasis)


it's not over, it's never over...till it's all over.

I see my journey as a marathon that starts on January 1, 2016 and ends at the finish line of life. If I don't get hit by a bus I believe it's going to be a good long run.

Please spread the word about Proof Paleo Works, you just might save your friend's life.

My two friends (and Robb Wolf) saved mine.

Here's a link to Robb's Paleo Guides.

LOOK: His headline is, The Paleo Diet Works!

I'm living (as apposed to dead) Proof Paleo Works. 

You have nothing to lose (except several pounds of ugly fat) and everything to (re)gain, your health.

Here's a copy of Wolf's 100% refund (within 60 days) no risk, no questions asked, money back guarantee:

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

You might be concerned that this guide won’t work the way I’ve just said it will. No biggie! That’s why we are offering a no questions asked, no risk, 60-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the guide, if you don’t think it works, if you already know what we’ve laid out here, or if you just change your mind, we will refund 100% of your money for the first 60 days, no questions asked.

Now, what's your excuse? No risk and a 100% money back guarantee.

What do you have to lose, besides, all that fat and...your life?

Take A Look.

One More Thing

I’ll admit, I’m partial to Robb Wolf because he introduced me to the Paleo diet and, saved my life.
But, there are many other very good sources of information about the Paleo diet. See my Shop Page.
Or watch this three minute video from Mark Sisson author of The Primal Blueprint.

Full Disclosure and Assurance

I, like millions of other bloggers, make money through affiliate programs. If you click on one of my affiliate links, and buy the product, I’ll get a small percentage of that sale. In no case will it cost you more money to buy anything through my affiliate links.

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