My Weekly Weight Loss Beginning January 1, 2016

weight loss
Friday January 1, 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

I'll weigh myself every day.

I'll post my weight right here each and every Friday.



weight loss
Friday January 8

I followed a strict Paleo Diet for seven days and lost 10.8 pounds.

What's that tell you about the Paleo Diet?

What's that tell you about the Basic American Diet?

Friday January 15

Only 1.7 pounds this week but a total of 12.5 pounds in two weeks.

My wedding ring is no longer tight around my finger.

Carbs make you hungry and retain water.

weight loss
Friday January 22

2.0 pounds for a total of 14.5 pounds in 22 days.

For the first time in years I don't feel like eating a snack before bedtime.

Far more energy and I'm sleeping better.

weight loss
Friday January 29

Ug, only 1.1 pounds for a total of 15.6 in 29 days.

Look how much my blood pressure is dropping on My BP page.

What's that tell you about Paleo and/or the Basic American Diet?

weight loss
Friday February 5

A 1.3 pound loss . That's a total of 16.9 pounds in 36 days.

I'm no longer hungry every two hours.

I'm learning Paleo is a natural anti-inflammatory medicine.

scale weight
Friday February 12

1.2 pounds for a total of 18.1 pounds in 43 days.

My face isn't puffy looking anymore.

People regularly tell me I look great. Nice to hear.

Friday Feb 19 - Day 50

1.7 pounds for a total of 19.8 in 50 days.

Two ounces short of half way.

I should be loosing more weight. I think I am eating too much fruit.

Walked 100.26 miles since January 1, 2016

I've walked 100 miles since January 1, 2016.

That's a photo of my free Walkmeter I found in Apple's App Store.

I listen to books from Audible. Rated 4.7 Stars on 3,000 reviews.

They have a 30 day free trial and a free book.

Friday February 26

1.7 pounds this week for a total of 21.5 pounds in 57 days.

Feel I should be losing more for all the "work" I'm doing.

I think the problem is I'm eating too much fruit and not enough fat.

my weight
Friday March 4

4 pounds and I broke 200! Total of 25.5 pounds in 64 Days.

I'm eating much less fruit and more fat.

Drinking one gallon of water each day.

Friday March 11

2.8 pounds for a total of 28.3 pounds in 71 days.

Nuts in morning - bacon and eggs late morning - salad and protein for dinner.

Drink a gallon of water a day. It's harder than you think.

Friday March 18

1.5 pounds for a total of 29.8 pounds in 77 days.

Not happy but I'll take it.

I'm still 100% Paleo. There's tons of good food to eat. I am not suffering at all.


Friday March 25

Half a pound for a total of 30.3 pounds in 84 days.

I'm not discouraged, I'm pissed.

But at least I broke the 30 pound mark! Only 9.7 more to go.

walk meter
March 29 - Walked 200 Miles

I've walked 200 miles since January 1, 2016

That's an average of 2.25 miles a day.

I bet the cavemen averaged more than 2.25 miles per day.

paleo diet
Friday April 1

2.7 pounds for a total of 32.8 pounds in 92 days.

2.7 pounds in one week is very motivating.

I'll be so glad when the weight loss part of this diet is over.


Friday April 8

WTF !? - 0.8 pounds for a total of 33.6 pounds in 99 days.

I'm being faithful to the diet.

There's not as much fat to lose. This must be plateauing.

Friday April 15

2.0 pounds for a total of 35.6 in 106 days.

Steady AND healthy weight loss without starving.

I watch how much I eat, but I don't have to count calories or points.

weight loss
Friday April 22

Bummer, only a 0.4 pound loss for a total of 36 pounds in 113 days.

My face, arms, legs, ass are all lookin' good. But my waist is stiill too big.

Only 4 more pounds to go.

Friday April 29 close! 3.6 pounds for a total of 39.6 pounds in 120 days.

I didn't do anything different this week.

Sometimes it just drops off.

I Did It!

Forty Pounds in Four Months and Two Days

Monday May 2

Maybe that doesn't win any rapid weight-loss records but I did it without being hungry all the time. The weight dropped off "fast enough" to keep me motivated to stay on the diet.

Big Bonus

I got healthy in just four months. I don't believe any other diet plan could have delivered the same results.

  • My critically high blood pressure returned to normal. See My BP Page.
  • Eight critically high lab results returned to normal. See My Labs Page.
  • I feel 20 years younger.


weight loss
Friday May 6

Close enough

I'm not going to put it back on this time.

I'm feeling too good!

weight loss
Friday May 13

Holding steady

I'm about to break my daily routine.

Leaving home in AZ and going to my summer camp in Maine.

I've been out of my daily routine for three weeks.

I left my home in Carefree Arizona to get my camp in Maine ready for summer rental. I'm putting a new roof on the boat house, rebuilding my dock, and million other things.

I'm all alone, eating and drinking whatever I want, whenever I want. I'm in my 850 square foot man cave.

Whatever I want really means 85% Paleo 15% non-paleo.

I did not have a scale here in Maine but finally broke down and bought one to see how I was doing.

I wanted to keep my "followers" informed.

Google analytics tells me very few people in the US are clicking on my site. But apparently, I'm a huge hit in Russia and China. (An inside joke about these folks trying to hack WordPress sites.)

As of today, June 3, 2016 I don't even have a Facebook page.

I'll get one...someday.

Friday June 3

I'm pretty proud of myself.

Kept it off.

Working my ass off every a caveman.

Friday June 10

I'm eating 85% Paleo and 15% non Paleo foods.

I "spend" my 15% non Paleo on cheese and beer.

Keeping the weight off is not that hard.


my weight
Friday June 17

I love the Paleo diet.

I am not suffering.

It's not a struggle to keep the weight off.


my weight
Friday June 24 much cheese and beer.

I'll cut back on the cheese.

But not the beer.

my weight
Friday July 1

Bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Big salad for late lunch.

Around 8ish I snack on guacamole wrapped in sliced turkey.


my weight
Saturday July 9

Missed my Friday Weigh in traveling back home to Arizona.

Now I'm worried.

In a few days my wife and I are leaving on a five day trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

By the way, my summer camp is for rent by the week.

Wanna rent it?

my weight
Sunday July 17

Got back late Saturday night from five days in New Mexico.

Sunday morning weight in - 185.0

Pretty good considering how much Mexican food I ate.

my weight
Friday July 22

Holding steady on my 85/15 plan.

Leaving Sunday for seven days - visiting one of my daughters.

Looking forward to it, but I'll be out of my daily routine...again.


Monday 8/1

7.5 pounds in eight days. Rats.

But I had a wonderful time and ate in New York's finest restaurants.

15/85 - more like 85/15

Friday 8/5

Lost 5.1 pounds in four days.

Eating right.

BP is still perfect.

Friday 8/12

Oh man, I was 185.5 two days ago.

Got to cut back on a few things.

I'll do it.


Friday 8/19
Friday 8/19

No comment.

Friday 8/26
Friday 8/26

Moving in the right direction.

Friday 9/2
Friday 9/2

Feeling great satisfaction.

I know I can get it under control if I don't let it get (too) out of control.

I'm back to weighing myself every morning.

It keeps me accountable and motivated.


my weight
Friday 9/9

Back in Maine

Sitting on my dock

Eating too much cheese and drinking too much beer

my weight
Friday 9/16

That's better

But not great


my weight
Friday 9/23

Consoling myself I'm keeping it under 190


my weight
Friday 9/30


my weight
Friday 10/7

I'm living large in Maine in my 850 square foot man cave.

Trying not to beat myself up too much because I know I can easily get back on track once I'm home again in a few weeks.