What a Pound of Fat Looks Like – Gross

what a pound of fat looks like

Have You Ever Wondered What a Pound of Fat Looks Like?
Me too. I Googled: What a pound of fat looks like. Within seconds I found this one pound replica of human body fat on Amazon. (They also sell a five pound replica of body fat and a once piece of fat you can attach to your refrigerator door.

This is What a Pound of Fat Looks Like!

Yikes! I hated it… I loved it. I had to have it.
Thanks to Amazon Prime I had this ugly piece of fat in my hand within 24 hours.
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When I first saw this ugly pound of fat I thought it must be a joke. I was wrong. This replica of a pound of fat is sold by Nasco, one of the leading names in educational products.

Here’s (part of) Nasco’s Product Disruption:
This replica of human body fat represents the approximate volume of 1 lb. of human fatty tissue to provide students and patients with a physical and visual representation of excess body
fat. The model is made of soft, pliable vinyl plastic to enable users to hold and manipulate the model.

Naaco sells a ton of fun and educational products on Amazon.

Many doctors and nutritionalist use this pound of fat replica to show patients what a pound of fat looks like.
Keep in mind, this pound of fat is a replica of what a pound of fat looks like evenly distributed throughout your body. So, although only losing a pound of fat may seem like a small amount, it’s really not. It’s kind of a big deal.

I placed this ugly piece of fat on my kitchen counter were I prepare (and eat) most of my meals. I looked at it every time I went in the kitchen to get something to eat. This one pound of fat replica is a great motivational aid. Look how ugly that thing is! Just looking at it will turn your stomach. You’ll lose your appetite. If that doesn’t work, pick it up and hold it in your hand. That’ll do it.

I found myself talking to this piece of fat. But something was missing.

My new motivational tool needed a name. But not just any name, a real loser name. A real loser name.

How about…Gomer. That’s it, Gomer. That’s a real loser name.

Hating Gomer kept me motivated to get rid of him, and thirty-nine of his fat loser friends. I was motivated from the start, but Gomer was a big part of my success.

On those weeks were I only lost one pound, I could console myself that (at least) I had lost one Gomer. Sure, I was somewhat discouraged I had only lost one pound, but this “big” chunk of fat motivated me lose another pound, and keep going.

Gomer helped me in many ways. For instance, a few times I picked him up, gave him a good look, and slammed him to the ground…again and agian. Very therapeutic. don’t judge me till you’ve tried it.

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