In preparing for Proof Paleo Works I had my blood work analyzed on December 28, 2015.

The results show eight blood values oustside of the normal range. All eight risk factors lead to misery and (premature) death.

It "only" took me four months to lose 40 pounds. That's not fast, but it is a healthy pace.

What Happens When You Detox Your Body With The Paleo Diet

I knew from past experience my blood work would improve. But I never expected incredible results.

My May 5th results show all eight risk factors fell within the normal range. I don't believe any other diet plan could have reduced these risk factors as much, or as fast, as the Paleo diet.

I attribute these incredible results to all the good food I ate, and all the "bad" food I didn't eat.


There were no changes in my medications between blood tests.

I've been on the following medications for more than 10 years.

PRAVASTATIN 40 MG a day. ( A cholesterol med)

LISINOPRIL 40 MG a day.  (A blood pressure med)

I have to give some credit to walking. But really, there wasn't much change in my exercise routine. I walked the same amount when I was fat and unhealthy.

The "Secret" to My Success

I Didn't Cheat Once

  • Not a sip of alcohol, soda, energy drink or fruit juice
  • Not a single bite of bread, cake, cookie, chip or cracker
  • Not a single french fry, bite of pasta, or nibble of cheese
  • Not a single piece of candy or anything with sugar
  • Not a drop of dairy
  • Not a single bite of processed food
  • Not a single...

Ok, that's enough. I'm sure you get the idea.

Can you imagine what my labs would be like if I had been on the Paleo diet all my life?

You know, like our Paleolithic ancestors?

It's no wonder paleoanthropologists haven't found any evidence of diabetes or coronary heart disease in our Paleolithic ancestors.

It's as if someone set the reset button on my body. Well, I guess someone did, me!

Side-by-Side Blood Test Results (Scroll down to see a screen shot of the lab results)

Red is Outside Normal Rang - Black is Normal Range - Green is Within Normal Range


Hemoglobin A1C




Non-HDL Cholesterol

LDL Cholesterol Calculated

VLDL Cholesterol

Testosterone (last, but not least)

RESULTS 12/28/15

6.5 - High

137 - High

250 - High

256 - High

194 - High

143 - High

51 - High

197 - Low


< = 5.6%

< = 99 mg/dl

< = 199 mg/dl

< = 149 mg/dl

< = 156 mg/dl

< = 129 mg/dl

< = 29 mg/dl

Range 250 - 840

RESULTS 5/7/16

5.5 - Normal

99 - Normal

165 - Normal

83 - Normal

120 - Normal

103 - Normal

17 - Normal

556 - Normal

I was most concerned about my A1C level.

The A1C test is a blood test that provides information about a person's average levels of blood glucose, also called blood sugar, over the past 3 months.

My A1C has been well over the normal range for many years. I knew if it went up much higher I'd be in real danger of developing diabetes. The American Diabetes Association says that we need to keep our A1C below 7.0 percent. I was skating on thin ice with 6.5.

Is this

Proof Paleo Works?

I Believe it's Overwhelming Proof Paleo Works

And look what Paleo did for my blood pressure.

What do you think?

Below are the actual side-by-side lab reports.

Suggestion: Increase the display on your screen for a closer look.

Lab Report December 28, 2015

Lab Report May 7, 2016

A1c May 7 2016
Lipid December 28 2015. 2png
Lipid May 7 2016
CMP May 7 2016

These Results Are

Proof Paleo Works

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