The Many Benefits of the Paleo Diet

blood pressure monitor

I felt the benefits of a Paleo Diet in a matter of a few days. I didn’t keep a diary but here are some of my thoughts and observations over the first days, weeks and months. Within the first few days I noticed I felt better. I thought it must be my imagination. In retrospect,…

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Paleo Diet on a Budget and Save Money

  Can you afford (not) to Eat Healthy Foods? It’s a common misconception that a Paleo diet is expensive; that it can’t be done on a tight food budget. That’s not true. But it is one reason (or an excuse?) many people use for not going on a Paleo diet. Affordable, Easy & Delicious Paleo…

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What a Pound of Fat Looks Like – Gross

what a pound of fat looks like

Have You Ever Wondered What a Pound of Fat Looks Like? Me too. I Googled: What a pound of fat looks like. Within seconds I found this one pound replica of human body fat on Amazon. (They also sell a five pound replica of body fat and a once piece of fat you can attach to…

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